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"Sunday's match will be one of the most important of the season". Here's what Totò Di Natale told Udinese TV. "I can't wait to see the stadium full of people, I know that it's sold- out. We hope to play a great match and above all to obtain a great result against a great team.
After several matches played against the "Vecchia Signora", do you think about this match as the last one against a big rival such as Juventus?
"Yes, it might be. But I'm sure that it will be a great match in a great stadium. We want to play a great match for our fans and especially for our president".
Speaking of Gianpaolo Pozzo, he has always said to dream about seeing you on the pitch of a completed stadium. Are you ready to give him this gift?
"Yes, absolutely, I'm really happy for him, because he was the one who wanted this new stadium, and now he did it. We will try to give him a wonderful present, maybe coming out with a victory against a really strong team".
Have you started thinking of what is going to happen at the end of the season?
"Yes, but really calmly. Now I'm considering myself as a player. At the end of the season we will see, the club knows my ideas and what I would love to do. But we will decide all together with no rush."
How are you feeling physically?
"Better. I've worked really hard with my athletic trainer".
What kind of match do you expect against Juventus?
"They are a really strong team, they are familiar with winning. It will be though , especially for us of course, but I 'm convinced that they will struggle really hard in order to get a good result against us. It's hard to find weakness in their team, they are full of champions and experience. They are a fierce team, But if we do what we have to, we will have them struggle".
Seeing Di Natale on the sold-out  pitch of the new stadium, is a wonderful ending of a history begun many years ago?
"I had a lot of fun this years, I have received a lot from this club and from my fans, and I think that I did likewise. It will be a wonderful and touching Sunday for me."

(Photo LaPresse)