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In what is such a delicate moment, Juventus wants to step up and make its contribution and wants to do its part, with solid gestures.
It was a few days ago, when it was decided to donate the foodstuffs initially intended for the public of the Coppa Italia semi-final between Juventus and Milan at the Allianz Stadium to the most needy.

Now, Juventus wants to continue in this vein, as the Club, the First Team players and Juventus Women have decided to launch a fundraiser in support of the Piedmont region for the purchase of medical supplies, and for the support of healthcare facilities and all medical staff, who have been working day and night these past few weeks.


The first donation, of €300,000, was made jointly by the club and the players, with the desire to send a strong message of awareness: "#DistantiMaUniti" (Distant but United), that in respecting the rules to prevent the spread of the virus, we can win this match.
Everyone's help is needed and everyone can do their part. Contributing to the fundraiser is very simple: Just click on the campaign page on the portal and click on the "Make a donation" button.

The donations collected will go towards the "Piedmont Region-Coronavirus emergency support" initiative promoted by the region of Piedmont. By going onto the campaign page, it will be possible to make a minimum donation of  €5 (there are no commissions, but an optional fee can be added during the donation phase).
Furthermore, for all Juventus fans: in these days when it is essential to stay at home, the whole world of Juventus TV will be free for 30 days. By entering the code: JUVE30DAYS at the checkout, everyone will have free access to the platform for a month.