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Launched on 17 March with an initial fundraising target of €500,00, the initiative – set up by Rocco Commisso – has enabled the Careggi and Santa Maria Nuova Foundations to purchase vital tools and equipment for use in the fight against COVID-19 in hospitals in Florence


The Careggi and Santa Maria Nuova Foundations have today received the final instalment of the €872,417 generated by the Forza e Cuore campaign, which – in under two months – has raised vital funds for the purchase of key materials and equipment to be used by medical personnel in the fight against COVID-19.

Everyone at Fiorentina and indeed the Commisso family – who have been the driving force behind the initiative – is extraordinarily proud of the campaign, which saw huge numbers of people show their solidarity with those fighting on the front line of the global health emergency.

Rocco Commisso would like to thank all those that have contributed in Italy and America to making Forza e Cuore a success, providing crucial and tangible support to the doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers that have been working to combat this terrible pandemic for months now. They are the real heroes in all this.

“Forza e Cuore has shone a light on the generosity and care the Viola Family has for other people,” said Rocco Commisso. “Everyone that has donated has donated what they can, based on their own situation. But the individual amounts don’t matter – what matters is the overall total raised, the product of a shared desire to help others. I’d like to say a special thank you to our American friends, who have made a very significant contribution to help Italy and Florence, and to everyone at Mediacom, who have acted as one to tackle the issues that Florence – and all of Italy – has faced and will continue to face.”

“The senior management at Careggi would like to thank ACF Fiorentina and the Commisso family for their efforts as part of Forza e Cuore,” said Careggi Foundation director general Rocco Damone. “The fundraiser has provided our university hospital with important resources which we have swiftly deployed to purchase medical and diagnostic technology and personal protective equipment for staff providing care in parts of the hospital dedicated to patients affected by COVID-19.”

“We thank Fiorentina and president Commisso for once again showing their strong bond with the city,” said Santa Maria Nuova Foundation president Giancarlo Landini. “The generous contributions and constant demonstrations of solidarity and friendship from the directors and players are helping us to face up to this delicate time. We’ve been honoured to have the chance to turn that solidarity into the beds, machinery and equipment we need to tackle this grave healthcare crisis. We have no doubt that this close relationship will only become stronger over time, fuelled by our shared love of the city of Florence.”

The equipment purchased by the foundations as a result of funds from Forza e Cuore has meant that the hospitals of Florence are better equipped for the fight against COVID-19, giving them increased capacity to intervene earlier and keep trying to save lives.

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