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Forza e Cuore - Rocco Commisso and Fiorentina Family give another €400,000 to foundations

€650,000 is the total amount donated to the Careggi Foundation and Santa Maria Nuova Onlus Foundation so far to aid the fight against COVID-19

After the initial donation of €250,000 following the launch of the Forza e Cuore campaign on March 17th, Fiorentina has today transferred a further €400,000 to the Careggi Foundation and the Santa Maria Nuova Onlus Foundation.

This huge sum was made possible thanks to the combined help of all the people who donated to this successful fundraising campaign established by president Rocco Commisso, his wife Catherine, his son Giuseppe and the Viola Family.

“I'm delighted at how we've been able to do so much in such a short period of time,” Commisso said. “We reached the goal we set for ourselves in just a few days and now we've managed to raise over €650,000. 1,900 individuals, organizations and corporations –  from both Italy and the United States – wanted to do something concrete to help the hospitals, doctors and health workers who are fighting COVID-19. Timing is crucial against this invisible and insidious enemy so we wanted to make another payment to the two foundations as quickly as possible so that the proceeds can be put to immediate use to buy essential medical equipment and supplies.”

“We want to thank president Commisso and Fiorentina for this new donation,” commented Santa Maria Nuova Onlus Foundation president Giancarlo Landini. “It will help us respond to the emergency during what is likely to be the most difficult days of the pandemic by providing vital machinery and equipment. We hope we can continue to count on the support of the Viola family and all the fans who want to help us. The money will be used to purchase non-invasive ventilators, infusion pumps, intensive-care and step-down beds and scanners for hospitals across the health authority network: Santa Maria Nuova, San Giovanni di Dio, Santa Maria Annunziata and Borgo San Lorenzo.”

“The Careggi management would like to thank the Commisso family and ACF Fiorentina for such a big donation, which will enable us to equip the facilities assisting COVID-19 patients with portable X-ray machines," explained Rocco Damone, general manager of the Florence University Hospital. “These advanced diagnostic tools make it possible to carry out scans at the patient's bed – especially useful in the case of those who have tested positive for COVID-19 so that we can assess the condition of their lungs. It means patients don't need to be transferred from the ward to the radiology department, with all the complications and measures to prevent the spread of the virus that entails. This donation will help create a safer environment for patients and staff alike while significantly reducing the time needed to undertake diagnostic procedures.”

Fiorentina wishes to extend its heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the Forza e Cuore campaign. Every donation is important, no matter how small:

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