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Gabriel Barbosa has spoken to Inter Channel’s Caffe Doppio of his happiness at the club, giving Nerazzurri fans fascinating insight into the man behind the striker.

"I love Milan and I love Inter – I’m happy here," he said. "It’s amazing when you warm up at the stadium. It’s fantastic to be here and I want to say thank you to everyone. I’m an Inter fan too and I hope to repay the fans on the pitch. We can perform well in our remaining games. We have the derby, then Napoli and Lazio away. We have some great players and we can do well."

Barbosa also looked back at his maiden Inter goal against Bologna: "It was a special goal because it was the first one," he said. "I celebrate in all kinds of ways. I want to thank God for that day – and thanks to my fans and friends too."

The striker admitted that there are some real differences between life in Brazil and Italy: "Italy is a very different country – it’s colder!" he said. "I like pasta and even ate it in Brazil. There are lots of Brazilian restaurants here so I don’t miss it. My family is here too and that helps, but it’s tough for them, especially my sister – she’s 15 and still in school. Family is very important to me."

Barbosa then explained how he came to be a footballer: "I always had the ball at my feet," he said. "My dad was a player too, but he injured his knee and had to give it up. It wasn’t like it is now. He was a huge Santos fan and spoke to the officials there and that’s how I ended up there, with my whole family. They were really welcoming and I learned a lot. I like basketball and sometimes play – we have nets at the Suning Training Centre and I have one in Brazil too. I’m right handed. I like ping pong too and I’m right handed for that too. I enjoy visiting different cities – I’ve explored Milan and I went to Rome on a day off".

"I’m good friends with the physiotherapist, then I have Rodrigo and two friends from Brazil. I like using social media, especially Instagram and Twitter. I think I’ve changed since I arrived. I’ve been studying Italian and I really like it – it’s a lovely language. I like Italian music too, as well as reggaeton. In my free time I play on the PlayStation, go out for dinner with mates and work out at home."

(Photo LaPresse)