Serie A TIM


Fiorentina coach Beppe Iachini speaks ahead of the Serie A match at Cagliari.

ON THE SITUATION - "Last season I had more time to bring in ideas, organisation, tactics. Then lockdown happened, with all its problems. This season was also very unique, rushed at the start, with many issues. We lacked consistency together, in our work. You can tell the difference when a team has been working together for very long. The celebrations after the Lazio victory show just how tense we were for the situation. We worked on many different aspects and the team has reacted positively, in recent games especially, scoring many goals. We have achieved a lot considering where we were coming from."

ON CAGLIARI - "It will be tough at Cagliari. They are doing very well, Semplici has done a great job. We'll need the right attitude and spirit. Against Cagliari it's a decisive game - a positive result would mean safety."

ON THE TEAM - "The team is prepared for this match. Vlahovic has been scoring a lot, it also means the team are working well. He's having a magical moment, working well, staying humble. He is helped by the work of all the team. Everyone is involved - the likes of Barreca, Callejon, Borja Valero, Maxi Olivera. Players who have had less playing time, they're emotionally involved, they celebrate, they're part of the team and we're all going in the same direction. Kokorin has recently started working with all the team. We has just recovered from a muscle injury. Psychologically he still has to push to his maximum, and we're hoping to have him back for these final games."

ON THE SEASON - "When I returned it was to help the team in a very difficult time. I did this because I love Florence, the fans, I lived amazing years here and I owe Fiorentina a lot. I have a great relationship with the President, and he appreciates our work. I returned because I have a special relationship with this group of players, the staff, and all I wanted to do is come back, work hard and help the team. Then at the end of the season Beppe will take his path. I want to finish the season on a high. In football you need time to work. It's not a game, it's a job. You need work, consistency. If you change often it doesn't help. This group of players this season lacked consistency."

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