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After today’s meeting with Inter Milan and AC Milan, the City of Milan said that significant progress has been made in the development of the project presented by the Clubs that outlines the refurbishment of the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium and the creation of a new Sports and Entertainment District in San Siro, with a low volumetric index equal to 145,000 square metres.  

The proposal was in line with the instructions of the City Council and Board and ensures the technical and financial sustainability of a new international state-of-the-art stadium and sports district.

The City of Milan, Inter Milan and AC Milan consider it fundamentally important, especially given the current climate, to start this project in Milan, which will generate between 3,000 and 3,500 jobs and improve a crucial urban area, becoming an extraordinary opportunity for the City of Milan and Italian football.

City Board Resolution no. 1905 of 8 November 2019 already recognised the substantial public interest in the proposal presented by Inter Milan and AC Milan for the development of the San Siro area. This Resolution includes a series of conditions for the government bodies and Club representatives involved. Previous meetings addressed each condition by sharing and discussing all aspects that have better defined and improved the project. 

The Clubs outlined design developments keeping elements of the current Meazza stadium in the new district with a predominantly sporting and entertainment function for the benefit of citizens. This is an urban regeneration work, which can be used 365 days a year, dedicated to sporting activity – providing a hub for culture and innovation for new generations. The project will be at the cutting edge due to its environmental impact, inclusivity and sustainability, and will serve as a safe meeting place open to social and recreational activities in the neighbourhood.

Many of the activities envisaged in the project (including a jogging track, a cycle track, an open-air gym, a skateboard park, a climbing wall, a zip line, and the sports museum) will be provided free-of-charge for visitors or will ensure services to citizens, residents and associations under agreements with the City of Milan. The agreement prioritises the area’s schools, cultural organisations and health facilities.

These sports, recreational and cultural activities will be located outdoors and inside redeveloped spaces. A 220,000-square-metre pedestrian area will be open to the community and will include at least 106,000 square metres of green space (nearly double the current 56,000 square metres).

The updated feasibility study will provide significant reductions in ancillary volumes compared to the initial proposal and the Meazza Stadium refurbishment project presented in April 2020.

The Meazza refurbishment cost, equal to approximately 74 million Euros according to the teams’ estimate, would generate a maximum buildability index of 0.51 sqm/sqm, equal to 145,000 sqm floor area. Granting any exceeding volumes to the index currently envisaged by the Government Regional Plan (PGT, Piano del Governo del Territorio), equal to 0.35 sqm/sqm, and the approval of further planning and building content, is subject to the relevant institutional bodies’ decision, under the current procedure. The proposed refurbishment must be included in the financial plan which shows the need for these works to reach a balance.

As required by the Resolution, the Clubs will present the supplemented project’s feasibility study and new financial plan to finalise the declaration of public interest procedure.