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Lega Serie A and ICE Agenzia with BeIT bring Italian excellence to New York, London, Frankfurt and Paris.

The partnership between Lega Serie A and ICE Agenzia with BeIT continues to be a great success. With distribution in 210 countries and more than 530 million global fans Lega Serie A tells a story of passion, style and creativity around the world and in collaboration with ICE Agenzia promotes the excellence of Italian production chains through the quality, tradition and innovative drive that have always distinguished Italian football and the best of Made in Italy.

On 12 June at the Javits Center in New York, on the occasion of the Summer Fancy Food Show, the largest US trade event in the food & beverages sector, the Italian pavilion realised by ICE Agenzia as part of the BeIT campaign was highly appreciated by the public and institutions present. Among the protagonists, Alessandro Del Piero, who was present as Ambassador of Lega Serie A, was acclaimed by the many fans, demonstrating the great success of our football and its legends. The presence at the Javits Center is just the latest of the many events in which, since the opening of the new offices in New York, Lega Serie A in collaboration with BeIT has promoted the best of Italy around the world.

In London, however, 14 June was Italian Football Day in the fascinating setting of the Design Museum. Design was the central theme, with particular reference to the evolutions that have taken place in football from the point of view of style and materials, a subject in which Italy has always excelled in innovation and quality. The evening was enriched by the exhibition 'Football: Designing the beautiful game', organised thanks to the collaboration of ICE, which showed more than 500 original collector's items related to design in the world of football. Lega Serie A Ambassador Alessandro Nesta, who spoke at the event, talked about his experience and the many changes that have taken place in the world of football during his almost 30-year career between the pitch and the bench. The former Lazio and AC Milan defender also paid tribute to the presenters by autographing several Serie A captain's armbands.

The next events featuring Lega Serie A and BeIT will be Tech Textile in Frankfurt, scheduled from 21 June and where Lega Serie A Ambassador Francesco Totti will be present, and SIAL in Paris, scheduled from 15 October, where Christian Vieri is expected to attend.

"The collaboration started with ICE Agenzia to promote, through the BeIT brand, Made in Italy is bringing important results at the international level because, thanks to the global reach of Serie A (over 200 countries for 530 million fans) every week we promote not only the BeIT brand, giving it the visibility it deserves as the international presenting sponsor of our top competition, but above all the portal in order to make the excellence of Italian production chains known around the world - said Lega Serie A CEO Luigi De Siervo -. Serie A has, in fact, always been synonymous with the highest Italian quality. The great appreciation received, together with our Ambassadors, at the events in New York and London confirms the growing passion for Italy and Italian football. These first months are just the beginning of a partnership made up not only of branding, but of many activations such as those already planned in Frankfurt and Paris".

"Few sports like football, in which victory is a matter of teamwork, catalyse the attention of consumers around the world towards Italy - says Carlo Ferro, Pre-sident of ICE Agenzia -. This is how the promotion of the Country System must be in the collaboration between companies and institutions on international markets. As part of the Pact for Export, desired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, ICE Agenzia has launched 19 new actions that three years ago did not exist regarding digital, e-commerce, training, and the protection of Made in Italy. The BeIT Nation Branding campaign and its promotion through major sporting events is part of this programme, because sport means Made in Italy! And all this, together, is part of this new ICE: modern, dynamic, inclusive, results-oriented, open to system-building and with a vision. Because the challenge in international markets is played with open rules and is won through teamwork”.