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Coach Vincenzo Italiano speaks ahead of Fiorentina v Inter, Matchday 5 in Serie A.

ON SAPONARA - "Saponara did very well against Genoa, all players know that some start and some can make an impact off the bench. He knows I hold him in great esteem, he knows what I think, and that he can do well from the start or off the bench."

ON THE MOMENT - "I didn't expect to start so well, in terms of points. I believed in it, I hoped it could happen, but to be at this stage in terms of spirit, it makes me happy. This Fiorentina is new, it was born in the training camp in Moena. It would be a mistake to look at the past, we need to keep building, all teams have to grow at this stage, inculding Fiorentina. We need to work to keep this enthusiasm going and make the fans happy. We need to show on the pitch what we believe in and what we work on during the week. We need to improve up front, create more chances. I'm happy we're conceding less at the back. I like the attitude, everyone helps each other."

ON INTER - "I hope this spirit can be with us for long. The game against Inter has added importance, we're proud to play this match, we face the Champions of Italy, they scored six on Saturday and we need to prepare the game quickly, it's not easy. Inter are in good shape, they are clinical, they punish you if you make mistakes. If we play like we did so far, we can give them a tough time, we need to try to fight back, staying focused and careful."

(Photo LaPresse)