Serie A TIM


New Fiorentina coach Vincenzo Italiano is presented to press and fans from one of the most iconic places of Florence, Piazzale Michelangelo.

JOE BARONE - "We're very happy to be here. We're lucky to be able to unveil our new coach, Vincenzo Italiano. Vincenzo and I have been talking about football together for many years. We were looking for the man, and the coach. We like his way of playing football - the pace, the attacking spirit, the youngsters, his work on the whole squad. It's easy to speak about football with Vincenzo. We appreciate how the fans are close to Fiorentina, to everyone here at the club"

DANIELE PRADE' - "I am happy that Italiano is here with us. All we ask him is one thing - a clear footballing identity. People need to know that Fiorentina are playing when we're on the pitch."

ITALIANO - "Thank you all. For me football is the same in every category, besides the pace of the game and the quality of players. Serie A is at the maximum level. I am convinced that here I will bring my heart, like everywhere."

"I will give my all. I want to thank the club. I want to give them what they asked - a team that everyone fears, that has identity everywhere. When I used to play, I wouldn't sleep for 3-4 days before facing Fiorentina - that's the level of the club. And I want our opponents to feel the same."

"Football is my life. It's the reason I live. I started when I was 15 and never stopped, before as player and now as a coach. Sometimes it's more tiring to be a coach than a player. For me the motivation is huge - just looking at how beautiful Florence is."

"The aim is to always improve on the previous season. We want a clear identity - attack a lot and defend well. Being a coach compared to being a player is you think 24h a day about football and how to improve the team. I want a certain type of football, attitude, intensity, aggressive football. Knowing what we have to do on the pitch."

"If I think about Fiorentina I think about a great team, with great players. That's our aim, to be a great team. Then football is weird, so let's see. What I'm sure about is we'll give our all every game. I've already lost my voice after four days. Our motto is: 'Defend well, attack very well'."

"Dusan Vlahovic is an extraordinary striker, a player with incredible will to improve, any coach would want to make the most of having him. I need to be good in making him do different things and improve even more."

"Every fixture is difficult, if you make it easy is because you prepared well and you won. Any team is difficult."

"I will evaluate the payers now, work with them, and then we'll talk with the club. It's my job to make the players do their best and get the best out of them."

"I've been lucky to have great coaches throughout my career, and all have given me something"