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Since 2018, Juventus has collaborated with Save The Children, for the protection and safeguarding of minors, and for the promotion of educational opportunities in the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods and territories.

This partnership, which began with the "Level Up Your Christmas" campaign (back in 2018) has an important presence in the Punto Luce Educational Hub, which is situated in the Lucento-Vallette district of Turin. Today, it was officially inaugurated, in the presence of President Andrea Agnelli, Juventus players Cecilia Salvai and Federico Chiesa, Guarantor for Childhood and Adolescence of the Piedmont Region, Ylenia Serra, and Daniela Fatarella, Director General of Save the Children Italy.

Since 2021, Punto Luce has welcomed more than 500 children and 200 mothers. There is a daily average of 80 children and 20 adults, as well as more than 500 parents who use, when necessary, the services of the legal and social help desk for family support.

The expansion of the property, which was achieved thanks to Juventus’ collaboration, made it possible to double the available area to 1000 square meters, resulting in the creation of new laboratories equipped for music, robotics and coding, as well as an area dedicated to activities with adolescents and to writing and street art. The existing spaces for playful-creative activities, studying, reading and internet surfing, theater, dance, and physical activities - from football to martial arts - were all redeveloped.

That’s not all, a new and enlarged area for mothers was integrated into the Hub allowing for the possibility to triple the number of mothers and younger children who regularly use activities such as psychomotor skills, fitness, neonatal massage, and more.

These are the kind of activities that take on even greater importance when we consider how the pandemic has amplified inequalities even within large cities, such as Turin. Lucento-Vallette is one of the Turin neighborhoods where 30% of 15-29 year olds and 45% of young foreigners under 14 of the total city are mainly exposed to economic and social fragility. Learning, discovering and experimenting talents and passions, and acquiring the necessary tools to grow are fundamental rights of youngsters, and structures such as the Punto Luce, inaugurated today, help to overcome the disparities.

"Juventus has always been committed, on the one hand, to the world of young people and their families, through daily work in the youth sector and academies, and on the other, to the territory in which it operates. The partnership with Save the Children, a choice that was natural for us, is part of this development path and makes us very proud for this. With the support of Save The Children, we have collaborated in the protection of minors who are involved in our activities every day, drafting our Child Safeguarding Policy with the aim of protecting them from all forms of inappropriate conduct and abuse. We have also carried out together delicate procedures necessary to guarantee qualified activities for a correct approach for the growth of children, arriving even before the institutions, including football.”

These were the words of Juventus President Andrea Agnelli. He continued by adding: "In the Turin area, on the other hand, after the expansion and redevelopment of Punto Luce, Juventus has also committed itself to accompany the annual activities with its contribution, because we are convinced that sustainability is an essential component to bring about meaningful change. Family, school, and extra-curricular activities are essential for growth: this center represents a place of great stimulus for growth, a unique opportunity for many boys, girls, and teenagers, who will be able to discover and cultivate their talents and dreams. Dreaming is important, Cecilia and Federico’s presence today further confirms it. It also tells that, in order to make dreams come true, perseverance and commitment are needed: here girls and boys will be able to gain the tools and self-confidence necessary to build their future in such a difficult period.”

Cecilia Salvai also spoke at the event: "You have to dream, it is important: the more you dream big, the more there are possibilities of having joy and satisfaction that remain with you your whole life. I have achieved many, and I still have many to achieve".

"I was lucky enough to pursue my passions,” added Federico Chiesa. “This place, thanks to Juventus and Save the Children, allows young people to dream and grow thanks to sport, which is education, training and discipline – all essential for learning the values of life.”

Daniela Fatarella, Director General of Save the Children Italy went on to say: "The strong presence of boys and girls, who populate this neighborhood is an enormous resource, and it is for them that, thanks to the support of Juventus with whom we share this an ambitious but possible goal, we have decided to enhance the Punto Luce and the ‘Spazio Mamme’ (Mothers Area), which was started by Save the Children in 2014. They carry out an extraordinary work of education and inclusion, which is not isolated but is based on close collaboration with families, schools, public services, and other associations in the area. During the most difficult period of the pandemic, we never interrupted our activities, organising ourselves to do it even at a distance and not leave anyone behind. But together with Juventus, which has been courageous in always giving us great support, we have decided to take advantage of this period also to expand and redevelop the spaces and be ready to start again with even more activities, and the possibility of welcoming a greater number of people every day with an integrated range of services for many families who use both the 'Spazio Mamme' and the Punto Luce. What we do together is a work against educational poverty and against inequalities: here there is a great human capital, which needs to grow and develop its talents. We must ensure that the place where we are born does not determine our future.”

The Guarantor for Childhood and Adolescence of the Piedmont Region Ylenia Serra also added: "This space represents a concrete implementation of how children and young people must be guaranteed fundamental rights, such as education, training but also play, by practicing extra-curricular activities that are very important for psychophysical growth. Putting different skills together is something that makes the difference and this place proves it.”

(Photo Juventus)