Serie A TIM


“It was a good match; we’ve played many games and tonight it was important to end January in the best possible way and to stay close to the top. In the last 25 or 30 metres we have to be more switched on and calm in the final step, but tonight it was a balanced match. We came up against a good Milan side and it’s important for us to maintain our position towards the top. I'm content, because the guys are playing more as a team and they understand better how to manage the ball in the important moments of the match. We have grown in self-confidence, because the results help and in eight out of 12 games, we haven’t conceded a goal. Paulo Dybala's physical condition will improve, Alvaro Morata will find more goals and Moise Kean will also be involved. We mustn’t lose our team spirit because we aim to finish in the top four. Let's take it one step at a time and, given how we started, I'm happy with our current position. In February we will play Verona, Atalanta, and Torino, who all play in the same way, we hope to hit the ground running. Daniele Rugani is an excellent player, he has personality and tonight he played an extraordinary game, making important blocks. Dybala also played a good match and it’s normal that, being a technical player, he was penalised a little by the field.”

“The glass is half full, even if I would have preferred to win, but the game was balanced and, as much as both teams tried until the end, the draw was the right result. We have matured compared to the beginning of the season, they are an excellent side and apart from the last misstep they are doing very well at home. A victory would have given us an important momentum, but we must continue to work, we have four good months ahead with a clear goal. We improved in our reading of the game, now we are a team for the whole match, we lacked the spark, but now we have a precise identity. Playing so much in the winter months is tough, but there has been strong desire and good play. Personally, I have the enthusiasm of a kid and I think that I can help the growth of my teammates every day and I think that’s important. They give me energy; I have fun and I hope to do it for a while longer.”

“We leave San Siro unbeaten, after a match against a team that has excellent qualities. Of course, it would have been better to win, something was missing in the final phase of the action, but let's look at the positive sides of the evening, such as the performance, the point earned and not having conceded a goal. We’ll start again even more energised after the break because the league is very open and not only the direct clashes will be the decisive ones. Tonight, the team played very well defensively, from the midfielders to the wingers and we know that to win the games you need this too. We would have needed a few more goals and maybe some favourable situations that would have allowed us to take the lead at the start and then control the game; we hope to find what we are missing in this second part of the season. I’m happy with the moment that I’m experiencing, because I have been waiting for it with calmness, I have an excellent relationship with the coach and now I am happy with the trust I am receiving.”

(Photo LaPresse)