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Today, through a partnership announcement with UNAR, Lega Serie A is committing to standing side-by-side with the National Anti-Discrimination Office of Italian Government, in the fight to combat all forms of discrimination; with a clear focus on education and re-education, and an objective to eliminate discrimination in and outside of football: KEEP RACISM OUT.
As a progressive step, Lega Serie A joined the UNAR National Observatory against Discrimination in Sport, the first in Europe, formed on July 31st. The Observatory, to which Lega Serie A has committed full-time staff, will consistently monitor and review discrimination in sports, with particular focus on youth and grassroots, submitting periodic reports and precise analyses that reflect the true scale of the issue. The common goal of Lega Serie A and UNAR is to educate the next generations, through training activities and workshops dedicated to the youth sectors, players, and managers.

UNAR, Lega Serie A and the 20 associated Clubs will collaborate to win their most important match yet.
"This project, together with Lega Serie A, represents the clear will to open a new season of respect and team spirit - declares Triantafillos Loukarelis Executive Director of UNAR - the National Anti-Discrimination Office of Italian Government.
It takes responsibility for all the involved subjects, public and private, to fight racism, xenophobia and all forms of discrimination not only in the world of football but in sports in general, which is crucial for the cultural growth of young people towards a more open and inclusive society"- concludes Loukarelis.
"We have the important mission for the coming months to keep racism and all forms of discrimination out of our stadiums. We will pursue this goal with determination and the support of UNAR and our clubs. We will also work on sanctions for those who will have discriminatory behaviors in our stadiums, a path that the Lega Serie A’s clubs have already begun to follow" commented Paolo Dal Pino, President of Lega Serie A.
Keep Racism Out is the claim for all initiatives related to the fight against racism with the involvement and support of the 20 associated clubs.