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Keep Racism Out: in an emotional video, which demonstrates the will of the entire world of Serie A football, all the Clubs of Lega Serie A for the first time together through 20 representative Players, one for each Club, launch a strong message of inclusion and fight against racism. The video, conceived and directed by Ragù Communication, branding studio that has been working with Lega Serie A since 2019 and that oversaw the entire "Keep Racism Out" campaign, was shot entirely remotely, with an innovative working method made possible also by the great work of remote coordination with the press offices of the Clubs.

The video will be published on all official Lega Serie A channels, on all the social media profiles of the 20 clubs and will be broadcast on the big screens of the Serie A TIM stadiums on Matchday 28.

Click HERE to watch the video.

The content is part of "Keep Racism Out", the anti-discrimination campaign promoted by Lega Serie A, in collaboration with UNAR, to ensure equal treatment, the protection of human rights in football and to keep racism out of the stadiums. The campaign, presented at the start of the 2020/2021 football season, continues with a series of initiatives dedicated to the 17th Action Week Against Racism, organised every year by UNAR and celebrated this year from 21 to 27 March.