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“On Saturday we will give our all in order to regain success, against Chievo we will try to obtain three points”. Kalidou Koulibaly doesn’t want to hide his thought while speaking to Radio Kiss Kiss and he expresses all his will and the team’s willingness to get back on the positive track:

“Yes, we need to get back winning and we will do our best on Saturday to reach success. In February we didn’t manage to reach our aims and we daresay we were no lucky. However we played good football and now with the beginning of March we want to reagin our peak form very fast”.

The qualifying run with Juve is still opened?
“We are looking at our performances, we will try to do our best, next we will see anyway we will push in order to gets higher as we can and above all to get beak in Champions League because is the most important goal. We can catch up three points because there are 11 matches to anyway it will be crucial to secure the second position. Next we will give our all to rekindle all our fans who are amazing and they always support us”.

You played a superb season, how did you grow this year?
“I’m happy but I have to thank whoever helped me and keeps on helping me, from Sir Sarri to the staff al my team-mates of course. I’m training hard but I still have to improve to reach the top. I think that I should share the success of my brilliant perfomance with all the defence. Even when I’m not on the pitch you can see a really strong defence. If Chiriches and Albiol are playing we are balanced as well. This means that the whole team is giving its all”.

Maradona praises you a lot saying that you are an unbeatable defender:
“Yes, these are great words and I’m moved because if some years ago someone had told me that Maradona would have spoken about me I wouldn’t believe him. Diego’s words are a huge joy and also a reason to do even better and to prove him that he is right”.

What would you like to say to the Azzurri's fans for the next 11 matches?
"We hope that all fans will boost us in every moment because we are in a crucial phase of the season. We will do everything to prove that Napoli is a wonderful city that deserve to be the top of Italian football and win at the highest level. Afterwards we want to make all Neapolitans dream".

(Photo LaPresse)