Serie A TIM


Lega Serie A and its advisor Infront Sports & Media, a Wanda Sports company, have launched a new roadshow – aimed at meeting with major international stakeholders. Taking place in three main stopovers the roadshow will visit London (13th July), New York (19th July) and Shanghai (22nd July). The format consists of a 45 minute presentation on the new upcoming international tender, new regulations and Serie A innovations, including Seria A's new style, new editorial products and new technology innovations. Hosts of the events, together with Lega Serie A and Infront executives, will be some Serie A clubs representatives.

As long-term partners, Infront and the Serie A are constantly striving to improve branding and TV production standards, while remaining at the forefront of technological and storytelling innovations. Creating a strong production system that offers broadcasters first-class products together with the ability to analyse scores, statistics and player performance is crucial to creating the best television product for broadcasters both in Italy and around the world. These innovations are pivotal to ensuring that the Serie A has a secure place in the minds of global football fans. Working to constantly enhance the platform and sports product, the aim of the roadshow is to ensure broadcast partners are familiar with the innovations and gather key feedback from the existing, new and potential media partners who deliver all the action of the Serie A to the fans.

Introduction media rights tender 2018-2021 
In addition to enhancing greater communications and creating a forum for idea generation between the league and its partners, the three stopovers will also offer an opportunity to introduce the new international media rights tender 2018-2021, which will be launched by Lega Serie A and Infront at the end of July. While previously the rights were sold by a global approach, this time, they will be sold via a regional approach with continents, regions and individual territories able to take up the programming with the Serie A Championship and Coppa Italia offered together. The upcoming rights will be offered on a platform-neutral basis, allowing a stronger presence and an optimal combination for broadcasters and media partners to ensure the best possible exposure for Italian football.

Aiming to boost reputation on an international scale
Infront and the Lega Serie A are aiming to expand the potential of the Lega Serie A, driving its enormous growth and distribution opportunities alongside stronger relations with all stakeholders worldwide. Together with new communication tools and products, Serie A is planning to go from strength to strength expanding the awareness of the great Italian game.

About Infront Sports & Media
Infront Sports & Media, a Wanda Sports company, is one of the most respected sports marketing companies in the world, managing a comprehensive portfolio of top properties. Led by President & CEO Philippe Blatter, Infront covers all aspects of successful sporting events – including distribution of media rights, sponsorship, media production, event operation and digital solutions – and has won a reputation for its high standards of delivery. As the number one player in winter sport and with a leading role in football, summer and endurance sports, Infront enjoys long-lasting partnerships with close to 170 rights-holders and hundreds of sponsors and media companies. Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, Infront has a team of more than 900 experienced staff working from over 35 offices across more than 15 countries, delivering 4,100 event days of top class sport around the world every year. In November 2015, Infront was integrated into Wanda Sports Holding, part of the Chinese conglomerate the Dalian Wanda Group.

About Lega Serie A
The Italian Professional Football League, known as Lega Serie A, is one of the most famous football league in the world. The league, based in Milan, was founded in 1946 as Lega Calcio and from 2010, with the division between Serie A and Serie B, associates the top twenty club of the pyramid system of the italian football. Lega Serie A organizes the major football championship in Italy, the Serie A TIM, the national Cup (TIM Cup) and the match between the two winners of these competitions, the Supercoppa TIM. As for the other best European leagues, from next season the top four team of the Serie A TIM will qualify directly to the group phase of the Champions League. Serie A TIM 2016-2017 sets the record of goals scored considering the best European Leagues, it reached the target of 8.427.075 spectators at the stadium during the season. The championship was watched by over 300millions of fans in Italy and registered a cumulative audience of 1.2 billion in the world. Lega Serie A also runs the most famous youth competitions, reserved for Under 19, Primavera TIM, Primavera TIM Cup and Supercoppa Primavera TIM. Lega Serie A negotiates club TV rights collectively since 2010-2011 season, usually on a three year deals.

About Wanda Sports
Wanda Sports is the world’s leading sports business entity, founded to capture the opportunities in the global sports industry and to contribute to the prosperous international sports landscape in three key areas: 1) Spectator Sports (media & marketing business), 2) Participation Sports (active lifestyle business), 3) Services (digital, production and service business). Led by President & Vice Chairman Philippe Blatter, Wanda Sports incorporates the international sports marketing company Infront Sports & Media, the iconic endurance brand IRONMAN and Wanda Sports China. The headquarters are in Guangzhou, China.