Serie A TIM


Lega Serie A announces the collaboration with Maeci (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation) and ICE (Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalisation of Italian companies), which become the "International Main Partner" of Serie A with the "beIT" campaign.

With 60 broadcasters covering more than 200 countries, Lega Serie A is able to speak to around 800 million viewers who watch Serie A every year abroad (excluding Italy). Thanks to this partnership, Italian football becomes a platform for the promotion of Made in Italy around the world, with the aim of telling a story of style, passion, innovation and creativity typical of Italy's excellence.

The Lega Serie A Ambassadors team will be actively involved in events abroad to promote the Italian production chains, and international initials and dedicated TV graphics will be broadcast during matches.

"Once again, football proposes itself as the driving force of the country. History and tradition, but also imagination and courage, with respect for the past and a focus on the future are common characteristics of Italy and Serie A. Thanks to this collaboration, whom we are extremely proud, we will bring even more the witness of Italian excellence in the world, promoting the best of what Made in Italy has always represented for millions of people" said Luigi De Siervo, CEO of Lega Serie A.

"The new platform, its promotion through major sporting events and the nation branding campaign are part of the 19 new actions of ICE Agency to promote Italian companies at a time of restarting international trade. This collaboration with Lega Serie A will help to promote the Made in Italy brand around the world," says Carlo Ferro, President of ICE Agenzia. "Victory at last year's European Championships was the success of a team effort. This is how the promotion of the Country System must be in collaboration between companies and institutions on international markets. Few sports like football attract the attention of consumers around the world to Italy. That's why I'm confident in the results of this important initiative!".