Serie A TIM


Lega Serie A in collaboration with WeWorld Onlus for #unrossoallaviolenza (which means a red to violence). On the occasion of Serie A TIM 13th Round (November 24th – 26th) in every stadium to show the red card to the violence against women.

Lega Serie A in collaboration with WeWorld Onlus presents the awareness campaign against the violence on women: #unrossoallaviolenza. The hashtag recalls the red card to exorcise, with all women victims of violence, the fear that they live every day. During the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the Serie A TIM is alongside WeWorld Onlus – who promotes the rights of women, children and teenagers in Italy and throughout the world – to give a red card against violence on women of any kind. 

On the occasion of the Serie A TIM 13th Round all the players and the referees will take the field with a red sign on their face, accompanied by girls who will wear the campaign t-shirt. For the occasion, all the captains will wear a special captaincy. In every stadium will be displayed a banner and the ads campaign to sensitize people that the more important red card is the one to give against the violence on women. 

In addition, the social networking sites will support the campaign with the photos of the footballers and their girlfriends (and other testimonials) that will declare their commitment by posting a photo with the campaign symbol, urging their followers to do the same with the hashtag #unrossoallaviolenza.