Serie A TIM


After the event dedicated to the start of Luese Calcio's season - a club whose president is none other than Sergio Viganò, Roberto Mancini's long-trusted team masseur - the Inter boss found time to exchange a few words with Sky Sport. 

"I haven't heard anything about Ivan Perisic. We only finished training a short while ago and nobody has told me anything. We should be concentrating on the game against Carpi. Unfortunately the transfer window is open until Monday and this can be annoying for a lot of clubs. We'll see if we get another player up front, we're working on it and there are a lot of cards on the table. It's difficult to say if anything will come through, right now we just don't know what's going to happen."

"It's going to be a tough match and we all know it. Nobody believes the opposition will just sit there and roll over. If we want to win, we have to play well, work hard and show a lot of desire like we did against Atalanta. It's Carpi's first home game, so it will be a completely different kettle of fish to the match against Sampdoria. As for the derby, we're not thinking about that yet, our minds are firmly on Sunday. There'll be time for that afterwards. For now, we need to be totally concentrated on what's going to happen in Modena."

(Photo LaPresse)