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Mihajlovic after Bologna-Torino

After Bologna’s final league match of the season, head coach Sinisa Mihajlovic had this to say: “It’s a positive overall. My team didn’t have a coach for five months, and then lockdown got in the way. We could’ve got more than 47 points, but you could easily do worse. After everything we’ve been through, I’m happy. On a personal level, I’m happy because I’m doing well. I’ve recovered; recent tests came out great, so I couldn’t wish for any more than that. I’m better than before. In terms of the future, I can’t ask Bologna to go out and spend like AC Milan, Napoli or Roma. But we do need some depth: for example, a striker and a midfielder, but mostly I want players, who have the same character as I do. We need to find the right players to improve the squad. Our objective for next season will be to improve on what we’ve done in this campaign, and get closer to European football.”

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