Serie A TIM


Sinisa Mihajlovic spoke to the press after Milan’s penalty shoot-out defeat to Real Madrid at the ICC in Shanghai on Thursday. This is what the Milan coach had to say about the team's performance and the excellent reception from the fans in China:

"The chants from the fans really pleased me. After these two matches, we have reached our objective. We competed on level terms with Real Madrid and dominated the match for large spells. Let’s hope that we have increased the number of our fans here. If another tour is organised here in China, we will gladly come back. The two matches that we played here give us courage and confirm what we have been doing. We have always trained well and with the utmost commitment. We can never get our mental approach wrong. Our style of play in attack and defence has to be carried out as we have planned. We must always remain an organized team and one that plays to win. The performance was excellent. We can and we have to improve a lot more, by working hard and keeping our feet on the ground. I would like to say goodbye to all the Milan fans in China and there are many of them. You are a wonderful people and we will gladly come back next year."