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On Monday morning, Napoli announced that they would be returning to Castel di Sangro for a summer training camp. At the press conference in Palazzo Petrucci, club president Aurelio De Laurentiis and coach Luciano Spalletti were joined by President of Abruzzo Marco Marsilio and Mayor of Castel di Sangro Angelo Caruso as they shared the news.

De Laurentiis noted how pleased he was that the side would return once again to the region. "This will be the third year that we travel to Abruzzo and we’re really happy to renew this union. We’ll be in Castel di Sangro from 23 July to 6 August and we’ll host three or four matches against European sides. We’ve also been offered large sums to play abroad, but we prefer to stay in Castel di Sangro where there are four pitches to play on and where it is organised perfectly.

"When I first visited Castel di Sangro, I was so amazed by the organisation and beauty of the region that I entered a contract of six years plus six years. I’m certain that the camp will attract Napoli fans from all over the world because there will be so many sporting and entertainment opportunities."

The president also looked further ahead to the break before Christmas. "This year will be a bit different because the league will be interrupted by the World Cup in December. This break will allow us to think carefully about the squad and the transfer market. Certainly, as I’ve already said, we are working with the Lega Serie A to find a way to continue sporting activities and ensure the team remain in shape."

Finally, he had a few words to say about the transfer window. "We don’t want to let any player go, but at the same time we don’t want to over-extend ourselves. Our decisions will be guided by a logic of balance and budget, but also by emotion based on who wants to continue donning this shirt. We need to set out on the right track."

Coach Luciano Spalletti reflected on the crucial role that the training camp performs in preparing the team for next year. "Playing pre-season friendlies at a European level is essential and it will be great to host them in Castel di Sangro so that we can stay in the training camp and not have to move around. There are absolutely great facilities and pitches in Abruzzo and having to travel abroad would have been tiring, especially at a mental level. We prefer to stay at the training camp and train consistently while being able to enjoy international games. All this will be possible in Castel di Sangro. There will be changes this year and we need to be good at making them in sound ways, keeping us competitive. We are working side by side with the club every day to assess each opportunity."

(Photo LaPresse)