UEFA Champions League


It's almost time for matchday three in the Champions League, with Stefano Pioli's men set to play their second away fixture of the season in the competition. Coming up at 21:00 CEST tomorrow is a match against Sérgio Conceição's Porto at the Estádio do Dragão. The Rossoneri are on the hunt for their first points in Europe following defeats to Liverpool and Atlético.


"We'll be up against a solid and well-organised side. They're used to playing Champions League football and have high-quality attacking players. The match will come with the difficulties that are present in a top-level game. Porto are complete in all departments, and I've been impressed by the quality and pace that Díaz possesses. He's a player we'll have to keep an eye on when we defend. We used the international break to study them and have prepared a strategy that we hope will bring rewards. Our two matches against Porto will be decisive for the final standings."

"Ibrahimović is definitely doing better, but he was only involved for 15 minutes on Saturday. I think he can play more minutes, but I don't believe he can remain on the pitch much longer than he did against Verona. Bennacer is doing fine; he showed he's in good shape on Saturday. Krunić could start and is ready to do so; he'll be competing with Maldini for a place in the line-up. Rade also did very well when he came on in the league. Leão has incredible potential. He's doing very well and could do more. He's made great strides forward in terms of remaining involved in the game."

"Today, I saw a motivated side who are being driven by their desire to combine a performance with a positive result. This is what we'll try to do tomorrow. We have to remain focused and stay composed when reading every single situation. Being attentive and determined and showing high concentration levels in both phases will be vital. In general, I support my players: I try to give them all the information I can, motivate them and coach them in the best way. We're in continuous dialogue to try to grow together."

(Photo LaPresse)