Coppa Italia


Cesare Prandelli speaks ahead of the Coppa Italia 2020/21 fourth round tie away at Udinese that will take place Wednesday November 25 at the Stadio Friuli in Udine.

ON THE SITUATION - "We need to fight as a team, always as a team. We need to press further up the pitch, run more, help each other. The data from the Benevento game are embarrassing. Numbers are numbers, not opinions. We must understand them and quickly change our attitude. We aren't a great team until we show it. The President is with us, and he repeats one word: determination. It's down to me to get this from the players. We need to win the ball back as a team, not individually."

ON BENEVENTO - "You can concede goals and lose matches. But we must also have a reaction. And I didn't see that against Benevento."

ON THE ATTACK "Vlahovic ran more than others, and the team needs to put him in the condition to have more than one chance. We need to play attacking football, but also fight at the back."

ON UDINESE - "The game against Udinese is important. Full stop. It's good to play straight away. No time to talk - back on the pitch. I want to see a reaction straight away, I want to see if this team can handle pressure. Against Udinese we must think that we can progress, we must play as a team and focus on this game. Then we'll think about the next matches."

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