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Cesare Prandelli was unveiled as new Fiorentina coach, speaking to reporters alongside Sporting Director Daniele Pradè.

Prandelli replaces Giuseppe Iachini, and both the new coach and Director Pradè thanked and saluted Iachini.

PRADÈ'S WORDS - "Thank you Beppe [Iachini]. Thank you from the President Commisso, Joe Barone and myself. It was a pleasure working together, you gave us a lot. But sport can be like this. We are very happy to welcome Cesare [Prandelli]. A decision we took together as a club. Welcome Cesare!"

Cesare Prandelli left the club in 2010, and returns after a decade. Here are his quotes from the unveiling.

WELCOME - "This club is human - this is great. I saluted Iachini, I never would have thought to replace him. In the past decade I always thought about Fiorentina. I think I am the only coach who bought the season ticket twice. Wherever I went I have always loved this club - it's given me a lot and I hope I can give a lot back. Rocco Commisso and Joe Barone are sensitive people, they have a lot of respect for people."

EMOTIONS - "Life is about emotions. The love I have for this club and team is extremely deep. I hope I can repay the trust. I am a coach and a fan of this team. It's a decision I made with my heart and instinct. This club is ambitious - it's a challenge. It will be tough, I can't do magic. But we need to start realising what we represent. This is a starting point. We must be practical and let our dreams develop."

FLORENCE - "It's impossible not to be hungry when we talk about Fiorentina. We must understand where we are, what we're doing and what people want. We must respect Florence and the fans. We must remove all our mental obstacles, and we need to be brave. The fans expect a lot - and rightly so. This is Florence. Florence is everything - art and culture."

ON THE SYSTEM - "I believe this team has the basis to work well. The team has a powerful motor, we need to get it going. I have a few ideas about how to deploy the team, but first I want to speak with the players. Systems are always like that on paper when defending, but the team needs to be ready to change during the game."

ON THE PLAYERS - "I want a brave team, that plays their football against any opponent. I believe this team has quality. I think Kouame is more of a second striker. Regarding Amrabat, it depends what kind of holding midfielder one wants - he has exceptional qualities. We're privileged to be playing football. We need to be concentrated, everyone is without fans. We need to have a winning mentality - like Florence. When the players understand that the mentality makes a difference, they'll improve. I think some players are not aware of their potential."

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