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President Rocco Commisso has presented the new Fiorentina Training Ground alongside the Mayor of Bagno a Ripoli Francesco Casini and Architect Marco Casamonti.

The provisional name of the Ground will be Viola Park, and will be the largest in Italy as well as the only one that will have all teams, senior and youth, male and female. 

"This is an example of what can be done with collaboration - a great project for Bagno a Ripoli, Florence and Tuscany. I thank Rocco Commisso for his trust and investment - unprecedented," said Mayor Francesco Casini to open the conference.

Rocco Commisso thanked everyone involved and said he was proud to leave something for Fiorentina and the people and metropolitan city of Florence: "I want to thank everyone involved, for their work and input," he said. "Our family is very proud to be able to invest here and leave something beautiful here. This will be the largest training ground in Italy and the first one with all teams, both male and female. This training ground is not for me - it is for all the kids who will one day play for Fiorentina in the future. Without teams or fans, there will be 400 people working at the ground - and all will be able to interact, eat, stay at the main pavilion.On other occasions, with matches or training, there will be up to 4-5.000 people," he added.

Marco Casamonti explained how long it will take to complete construction. 

"We will start construction in January 2021, hoping to finish by Christmas of the same year, 2021. It's a huge challenge - normally it would take around 18 months," he explained.

(Photo ACF Fiorentina)