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The President of Lega Serie A, Paolo Dal Pino, was interviewed by "", the first sport website for number of subscribers in America.

Here below what Dal Pino said about bids from several private equity firms for a minority stake:

“We were in a situation where Sky was not paying (the final instalment of last season’s TV rights) and we were not playing football,” he says. “We go from Sky Italia saying it would renew the contract in the new tender at 20 or 10 per cent less, to suddenly now talking about new initiatives that will allow us to take control of our destiny and be an active player in all this. I see a lot of value in the OTT (internet streaming services) side of things, I see a lot of value in data and our CEO will have to work on all these things with the mentality of a media company; something that today is not part of the league’s characteristics.”

The process has “given Serie A a breath of fresh air” and the league feels like it is close to turning a corner. When The Athletic asks what the next 10 years hold for Serie A, Dal Pino replies: “We have to double our revenues. You wanted to know about 10 years’ time: it’s feasible we do it in seven or eight years. In my mind, it’s earlier than that.”

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