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Faced with the unprecedented health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Fiorentina is taking a small step to help Italy and in particular the metropolitan area of Florence. The club has decided to launch the FORZA E CUORE (STRENGTH AND HEART) fund-raising campaign with the target of reaching €500,000 and President Rocco Commisso, his wife Catherine and his son Giuseppe have today kicked off the initiative by donating €250,000 to two local foundations, in the hope that the Viola Family – from directors to players via employees, sponsors, partners and fans – will offer their support too.

“I’ve been following the situation in Italy very closely and with a great degree of worry in recent days, albeit from afar,” said Commisso. “I want to offer my support, my family’s support and that of the club and all our friends to all those who are doing everything they can to save lives and stop the spread of this invisible and insidious enemy as quickly as possible. I would like to invite the extended Viola Family to come together even more in this difficult time and support the people and organisations fighting on the front line. I want to say a special thank you to the doctors, nurses and hospital staff that are currently fighting the toughest of battles in Tuscany.”

The funds raised by FORZA E CUORE – which is active on the GoFundMe platform – will primarily go to the Careggi Foundation and the Santa Maria Nuova Onlus Foundation, whose mission is to provide financial support to the main hospitals dealing with the health crisis in the metropolitan city of Florence.

“We thank president Commisso, his family and everyone at Fiorentina for this precious donation,” said Careggi Foundation Director General Rocco Damone. “We are working to use the funds to purchase personal protection equipment for operators. The donation has happened quickly and it’s something that we need immediately in order to provide more essential equipment to protect the doctors and nurses responsible for treating patients affected by coronavirus. On behalf of the entire Careggi community, I want to say thank you to the Commisso family.”

“I want to say a sincere thank you to the Commisso family and the Viola Family for this important donation, which we see as a gesture of solidarity and support at a time when our professionals are working across our healthcare facilities on a daily basis,” said Santa Maria Nuova Onlus Foundation President Giancarlo Landini. “The Santa Maria Nuova Onlus Foundation has worked quickly to process initiatives like this one so that they can be as useful as possible in tackling this health emergency.”

Thanks to the donations made by the Viola Family and its friends, Fiorentina hope that essential medical supplies and equipment – including masks, surgical clothing, hand sanitiser, infrared laser thermometers, virus testing kits and ventilators – can be ordered and delivered to hospitals soon, allowing medical staff to more effectively tackle the emergency facing Florence and its people.

Full details on how to donate are available on the website ( or here:

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