Serie A TIM

Sarri: “A solid performance will be needed against Bologna”

Serie A TIM will restart for Juventus tonight, where they will take on Bologna at Dall'Ara. The league resumes after two Italian Cup matches, as Mister Maurizio Sarri points out to Sky Sport: “Currently we are, in fact, in a post-preparation phase, with all the difficulties that follow. Important matches have already taken place, but we must not forget that we have arrived after being inactive for 60 days and the physical brilliance cannot be at the highest levels. I told the boys to turn the page and think about the next games, we hope to improve quickly in terms of physical and mental condition to return to performance that is normal for us.”

“Bologna is doing very well, they play good football. They are a dangerous team both when they attack and when they counter, we must take this into great consideration and play a game where we look to go up in level, but also with caution.”

“At this moment it is important to see the reactions from the physical point of view, because in this phase the matches involve a greater expenditure of energy. Up front, we have different solutions on the wings, with lesser pure attackers, but after evaluating the quality of the recoveries, we will evaluate. I spoke with Cristiano for a long time because he must not lose confidence, as soon as he regains his brilliance he will return to being the fantastic player of all time. Alex Sandro has suffered a traumatic injury which fortunately does not seem very serious, we have both De Sciglio and Danilo who can adapt very well to the left. Pjanic? The story of my quarrel with him is a hoax, he is one of the guys I talk to the most and, like the whole team in the last two games, he has played well in the opening minutes, dropping a bit during the game.”

“As I said before, our problem is that we lack a little brilliance in general, because we produce a good amount possession, but we are not able to be dangerous. I think it's part of the moment and, by improving the quality of the game, we will also improve in the implementation phase as a logical consequence. It will be important to give a signal of growth and return to the full result.”


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