UEFA Champions League


Juventus' coach Maurizio Sarri spoke to the media head of today evening’s Champions League clash against Lyon.

In Italy, we have the obligation and responsibility to win. In Europe, we are among the 10 teams with this objective. It isn’t easy to get into Italian football. Rabiot is growing a lot. He leaves us with the feeling that he still has something more to offer. His journey is improving, and we are very proud. Lyon is a technical team with elements of acceleration and physicality. They are dangerous team; therefore, we need to play well. We have a varied midfield in terms of the level of characteristics. Tomorrow’s game is difficult to interpret dynamism is needed from one of our three midfielders. Cristiano Ronaldo is a player who is admired everywhere in the world. His numbers speak for themselves. He is a player who goes above and beyond and he is in a good physical and mental condition. It is very important that Sami Khedira and Douglas Costa are back in the group. It's nice to know you can rely on them at this stage of the season."

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