Serie A TIM


“Tomorrow we will have to be alert, patient and united”. Maurizio Sarri discloses the receipe to face the match against Villarreal. Napoli must overturn the result of the first leg ended 1-0. The technical manager believes in his team and knows that they can pull it off but he is also aware of the difficulties they might encounter:

“We will face one of the strongest team on the European stage in this moment. On their pitch they trashed the major teams of Spain and in the last 11 matches they suffered just 2 goals. We should be wary of them and be focused without losing balance because they have technique and speed to counter-attack“.

“It’s never easy to overturn 1-0 result but we should go on the pitch and think to play a regular game, fast and without being worried of the final result. If we became anxious to score we would make a mistake for sure. We have our game strategy and we express good football. We should display the same positive spirit with no worries”.

“Villarreal are a team that will look for a strong offensive game and we will have to put them on the defense without losing our balance because they have strenght and quality to took the edge. They have a formation that can be the right mix between experienced players and young men willing to build their great future”.

What do you think of the Azzurri’s moment? “We played three matches where we lost but I have nothing to say to my lads, or I don’t regret their choices. I can just be disappointed of the result. In Torino we were penalized by an own goal almost at the end of the game, at the Madrigal stadium where even Barcelona and Atletico lost their challenge we had showed our qualities while against Milan we made a mistake when we hit a inner post".

(Photo LaPresse)