UEFA Champions League


Luciano Spalletti spoke at the press conference a day ahead of Tottenham Hotspur vs. Inter. "I heard about Pochettino’s comments, I expect that they’ll play to win. Right from the draw, we knew that we would have to knock out one of Europe’s biggest teams in order to go through. His team can change system but the manager’s influence is always there. What he says could happen, but so could the opposite. Inter had been waiting for many years to play in this kind of match. Our fans need to see that we’re ready to give everything to get the result. There’s a real chance to qualify, but we’ll have to go down to every last drop of sweat. We’ll approach the game head-on. I see that the team has improved mentally and they transmit quality between one another".

About tonight's match Spalletti said: "We must approach the game as though it were a straight knockout in order to avoid running the risk that we lose control of our own destiny. That’s a risk that we don’t want to take, we want to keep moving down our road. We don’t have the advantage, qualification has to be earned and we need to give every last drop of sweat. We knew that from the draw but if some of my guys don’t think that it’s vital for us to get a result tomorrow, that means they’re in the wrong place".

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