EA Sports Supercup


The exclusive NFTs made to celebrate the Supercoppa Frecciarossa, the great sporting event that saw Inter and Juventus face each other on Wednesday 12th January at the "Giuseppe Meazza" stadium in Milan, will be available from 3pm today on the Crypto.com platform.

The exclusive collection, available on crypto.com/nft/profile/legaseriea, includes the official trophy of the competition, the gold medal given to each player of the winning team and the video of the raising of the Supercoppa Frecciarossa by Inter Milan.

Specifically available are:
Supercoppa Frecciarossa Trophy: 100 editions
Gold medal: 175 editions
Raise of the Cup: 200 editions

“Once again this year, a great Lega Serie A event offers the chance for many fans and supporters to acquire exclusive NFTs made with Crypto.com - said Luigi De Siervo, CEO of Lega Serie A -. We are confident that the Non Fungible Tokens of the Frecciarossa Super Cup will be a great success, as was the case last season for the Coppa Italia Final. This is the first time that the NFTs have been produced in the Supercoppa di Lega and for the occasion we have thought of an even more modern, technological and attractive style that we are sure will be appreciated by the fans and the community of digital collectors. Thanks to this special collection Lega Serie A continues to grow as a Media Company through the valorisation of its intellectual property also in the digital world".