Serie A TIM


Spezia has left for Rome today for the match against Lazio that will take place tomorrow,  August 28th, at 18:30. Before the departure, coach Thiago Motta spoke to the press:

"I am happy to have some players back in the team, and I confirm that all the players who are coming to Rome are ready and fit to face tomorrow's match. We have prepared for an important match against a very strong team.

The match against Lazio will be different from Cagliari and every match will be different in turn, all opponents have their characteristics. What won't change is our aim to play proactive soccer, always taking one game at a time: I think this is the only way to face a tough league like Serie A. Here every game is played to the limit, this league is always able to surprise, it's unpredictable. We must have the ability to maintain concentration and not give up until the end, we'll see what we can do. The team, the staff, and I are only focused on tomorrow's game.

Sarri? I think you can always learn something from other coaches, regardless of age and experience. Sarri is a coach who has had a great career and I wish him the best. Overall, all coaches are growing a lot, football is evolving and we must always pay attention, listen a lot and try to learn as much as possible.

I chose tomorrow's team based on what I saw during the week. The players have been working hard and tomorrow we will enter the field to make a great performance".

(Photo LaPresse)