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Saturday, April 9, Spezia will face Empoli in the 32nd day of the championship, and as usual coach Thiago Motta held the pre-match press conference in the 'Rino Capellazzi' room of the Ferdeghini Sports Centre:

"I see the team very well, both athletically and emotionally, the enthusiasm is very high. We are living our best moment, the boys are giving their best and they are doing it for the group. In the next game, we will play with concentration and determination in order to reach our goal.

The boys know how it works, they have the opportunity to prove their worth every day in many ways, and it is the work they do during the week that allows them to earn their place among the players and among the starters: in this team reigns the meritocracy.

The sensations I felt at the 'Picco' after the victory against Venezia were incredible. It was a unique moment to live, and I lived it intensely together with the boys, I hope there will be others like it from now until the end of the season.

The most difficult match among those to come? The one against Empoli, because it's the next one and our concentration is 100% to face it at the maximum as we have always done.

As a coach, I focus a lot on working hard every day, with conviction, with my ideas. I don't care if and how people talk about me as a coach, I'm focused on my work and I put all of myself into it.

The situation of the Italian teams in Europe? Surely we can still improve a lot, but I hope that this is just a moment and that soon we will be able to return to compete with the great European teams because it will mean that the entire league will have raised its level. 

Kovalenko is giving me great satisfaction, both in the game and in training. I am happy to have a player like him who gives his best, makes himself available, and has great qualities: this is very good for him and for the team.

My team and I don't make calculations on the standings, the most important thing now is today's training, tomorrow's training, and Saturday's game. It's the hardest game of the year because it's the next one, we have faced every challenge like that and we will continue to do so. Empoli is a very good team that knows what they want, they have good players and a great coach; they have deserved their position in the standings, and we will take the field as always giving our best and with a lot of respect to try to earn the victory."

(Photo LaPresse)