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On the eve of the match against Salernitana, which opens the eighth round of the championship tomorrow at 15:00, coach Thiago Motta spoke to the press:

"In these weeks we have been preparing the game against Salernitana, focusing on their game and the team, regardless of the presence or absence of Ribery, although he is an important player. Salernitana is a very dangerous team on the counterattack and we know they can create a lot of problems. We're playing at home, and we have to take control of the game and try to win, we have to keep our concentration high and be careful not to get caught.

The lack of preparation in the summer could have had an impact on the many injuries, it is not a hypothesis that can be ruled out, although we are not the only team that is experiencing the same problems, and it must be said that most of the players who have been with us since the summer have not had big physical problems.

Maggiore and Kovalenko are fine, they have recovered, and both are fit to play. We still have to evaluate their presence from the first minute, but they are definitely two valuable returns for the team. In goal? It will be Provedel's turn from the first minute.

Sher is a young guy, but he wants to grow and show his qualities, it will depend only on him. Obviously, the transition from Swedish to Italian football is not easy, you have to adapt and learn a different type of game, but I'm happy with what I saw on the pitch in Verona, he handled his debut very well and he works very hard every day.

Gyasi and Verde? They're two different players. Daniele has great qualities, as he showed on the pitch. Gyasi is a player I respect a lot, also on a personal level. In times of difficulty, we always talked to each other, and he was willing to adapt to different areas of the pitch, this is fundamental for me. I think he can still grow a lot and I'm happy to have a player like him in the team.

I've felt a lot of closeness and support from the club in recent weeks. I'm looking for the best way to make the team play, only in this way we can grow and do the good of the club, which is my main goal and that of the staff.

Tomorrow I'll line up the players I think are ready to face the game at their best: I'm confident".

(Photo LaPresse)