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Tomorrow at 18:30 on the ground of the "Alberto Picco", the Aquile will take the field for the match against Juventus and on the eve of the match, here are the words of coach Thiago Motta: "The victory against Venezia was wanted above all by the boys because from the beginning they have struggled to earn the three points against a direct opponent and we are happy because in the end, the excellent performance has rewarded us.

Unfortunately, injuries happen to all teams. Tomorrow Erlic will not be present because we decided to rest him and preserve his condition; it is nothing serious but we made our evaluations and we decided not to risk.

The boys are doing well, both physically and mentally, they are very motivated and it's important to face challenges like those against Juventus and Milan.

Juventus are a quality team, they are facing a difficult moment, but tomorrow I expect the same team that played against Malmö and that we saw in the first half against Milan. The Bianconeri's level is very high, despite their current points in the standings they are fighting to win the championship, and we have to give our best to try to face the match at our best.

The pressure we feel is the same as the other teams, each team has its own objectives, in our case it's salvation and in Juve's case the first place in the league, but every game is fundamental for both, we'll see what happens on the field.

The formation? Obviously we have an idea of how we're going to play, but as I've already said, I don't think formation is the fundamental element in football. According to my point of view, it's much more important to make the team work as a real group, then, how we arrange is something secondary.

Save Ferrer in midfield? He had already played that role in Spain and has shown he can handle it. My job is to try to put the players in a position to give their best, Salva has shown that he can also do well as a midfielder and he has shown me that in recent weeks. He is a guy who works a lot and is adaptable to different roles, but it is important that he feels at ease and that he works on the field in the best possible way as he did in Venice".

(Photo LaPresse)