Serie A TIM


On the eve of Spezia-Venezia that will be played on Saturday, April 2nd at 15:00 at the 'Picco' ground, coach Thiago Motta held his usual press conference:

"We are very focused, the next game is the most important one, with the break we had more time to prepare it and today almost all the guys who had left with their national teams returned. Now we have two more training sessions to finish the preparation in the best way.

I am happy for Reca and the Polish national team, it is a great satisfaction to be able to participate in a World Cup defending the colors of your country, I am sure he will return to the field with more confidence and determination, and we need it.

Certainly, the public will be fundamental, we have always shown that together we are even stronger. This will be a very heartfelt game both for us and for the fans, we will have to try to stay focused, continue to work as a team, and do our best both individually and collectively.

I expect the best possible Venezia, a team that has shown the ability to play well and bring home excellent results. We have great respect for the opponent and we'll face them at our best, knowing that we can do well too.

Gyasi is a player who gives everything in training, regardless of the role. I know the position he prefers, but his mentality and his physical and technical qualities allow him to cover all the roles in a way that can make a difference, both for him and for the whole team. We'll see how we use him in the next game, but I'm convinced that whatever he does, he'll do it at his best.

In games as balanced as Serie A games all the details count. As I said after the last game, we can all improve, even the referees. What I try to consider when I talk about them are the criteria with which the match is managed. We can't analyze single episodes, we have to consider the whole match in order to say if a foul should have been called or not. These are games in which details can change everything. I repeat, we can all improve. We have many quality referees, as well as many players and coaches, and we all take the field to give our best, with great mutual respect.

Italy's elimination from the World Cup? I am sorry, as I imagine everyone is. Football is like life, there are positive moments and others in which defeats come that must be accepted and faced, and that can lead to improvement and building for the future."

(Photo LaPresse)