Serie A TIM


Here are the words of coach Thiago Motta during the press conference:

"At this moment we are focused on doing our job to reach our goal, we don't have to look at what other teams are doing. Of course, if the other results are to our advantage, so much the better, but we just have to think about the game ahead of us and give our best to face it in the best possible way.

Inter won the last championship and now they are one of the candidates to win, we will face the Nerazzurri with the utmost respect and try to give our best. The eleven starters will be those who have deserved it and that we consider more functional to the match, the others can take over or support the team from the bench.

This match definitely has a special flavor for me, my time at Inter as a player I lived it to the fullest, and I'm doing the same here with Spezia as a coach, trying to help the team to give its best. That's how I am, I live my emotions to the maximum, and I'm grateful to be able to coach today in a club like Spezia.
A player who has impressed me with his growth during the year? Definitely Petko Hristov, in terms of improvement he was the guy who impressed me the most. I know that if we were missing a central defender we would be covered without problems, because Hristov is a fantastic guy, he has improved a lot and he works hard every day.

If we talk about points in the standings I don't have a precise goal I want to reach, the only important thing for us is to do every day better than the day before, to see where we will be able to arrive. I don't see another way to live this sport and this moment we are living.

My words about Maggiore? Beyond Giulio's high level, I would like to underline his way of being. He is always available, he never disagrees, even if he thinks differently or would like to do something else; it is the way he deals with situations that is making him grow every day and that makes the team grow with him. He's played a lot this year, and it's all thanks to him because he's earned it.

Whether this Spezia can be considered a revelation or not is not for me to say. Surely we had some difficulties, and we faced them giving our best, and we will continue to do so until the end."

(Photo LaPresse)