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On the eve of the home match against Lazio, coach Thiago Motta spoke as usual to the press microphones from the "Rino Capellazzi" room of the via Melara sports center:

"Yesterday we saw a Torino that managed to put in difficulty a great team like Atalanta, and Inter losing against Bologna. All teams are fighting to the maximum as it is right to be, always with respect, trying to bring home the best possible result. I expect the same from Lazio, they are a great team that is fighting to reach Europe, but we will also take the field giving 200% to do our best and reach our goal.

The first leg game is now in the past, no excuses. Today the most important thing is to take it day by day, giving our best both in training and in the match to take the field and give the best of ourselves.

I believe that we can always improve in every aspect, football is like life, every day we have the chance to do better than the day before.

Lazio is a team that knows very well what it wants on the pitch, both in terms of attack and defense. We will face a team that has quality players who always try to build from the back without ever throwing the ball away. When they manage to get out of the first pressure they are able to keep possession and attack quickly, but they are also able to fall back and stay behind, as a group, always with the idea of recovering the ball and attacking quickly as we saw against Cagliari. We know what team we're going to face, we'll be very careful and we'll take the field with grit and energy.

The role of the goalkeeper? We could stay here and talk for hours, but it all depends on the philosophy of the coach and the team. Football is free, everyone has their own way of doing things. We all try to convey our ideas and our way of thinking to the guys in order to achieve the best possible result, which is what counts in the end.

In football, nothing is a given. What is certain and what we can control is our work and our actions, and we will continue to give our best as we have always done, we will do it until the end for the good of the team and to reach our goal.

Allegri's compliments? I can only thank him, and considering that he is an experienced and intelligent man I only hope he is right."

(Photo LaPresse)