Audiovisual piracy is a criminal act and is an increasing sore in recent years, all over the world and in particular in Italy. Considering that the main form of piracy is digital, which takes place in various ways on the web, and by calculating only the usual internet users, the incidence of piracy among adults in our country exceeds 60%.

Lega Serie A have decided to combat the piracy in different ways: speeding up of IPTV blocking times by ISPs and Hosting; the launch of a campaign to raise awareness of the issue directly to fans and citizens; a request to the authorities to provide for stricter penalties to those who cause damage not only to our industry, but to the entire Italian economy.

On the international front, Lega Serie A is actively engaged, together with the most important international federations and major European leagues, in the battle against beoutQ, an illegal platform that pirates sports and entertainment content.

Campagna Anti Pirateria