Within the framework of the UEFA 2030 Sustainability Strategy "Strength Through Unity", Serie A became the first football league chosen by UEFA to implement a pilot project aimed at defining a clear sustainability strategy by the 2023/24 season. This strategy is based on eleven policies: anti-racism, protection of childhood and youth, equality and inclusion, football for all abilities, health and well-being, support for refugees, solidarity and rights, circular economy, climate protection, event sustainability, and infrastructure sustainability. Ambitious and robust objectives have been outlined for each area of interest, to be achieved by 2030. Programmes and specific projects are being developed in accordance with the guidelines and principles set by UEFA. Thus, the 2030 "CSR – Football Social Responsibility" Strategy came into being and was published on 4 August 2023. This represents a fundamental step towards making Serie A football a virtuous model, capable of looking confidently and ambitiously towards the future. The strategy arises from a strong sense of responsibility towards the community, turning football into a global tribe of fans and enthusiasts. There is an urgency to give back the passion that fuels it by making a tangible impact on society. Importantly, this strategy is not an endpoint but a first step towards building a supportive and sustainable future both within and outside the football ecosystem. The 60 targets identified in the document are indeed a starting point and will be continually monitored, modified, expanded and adapted to a constantly changing world.

UEFA Sustainability Strategy | Serie A