The International Broadcasting Center is the state-of-the-art production centre where all Lega Serie A content is created. Opened in July 2021, it manages all services relating to video, audio and data content for Serie A TIM, Coppa Italia Frecciarossa and EA SPORTS Supercup matches.

All stages of the production process are overseen in the facility, from planning and fibre signal transport through to national and international distribution. The television broadcasting of matches converges here, characterised by high-quality television standards in 4K and Full HD and enhanced by Steady Cam and Gymball with dedicated optics for film cuts, as well as acrobatic drones, Buggycam and 360-degree Oculus footage. Furthermore, there is also live augmented reality reconstruction and a Virtual Coach. Signals are accompanied by centralised graphics for all broadcasters in multiple languages, and the customisation of virtual carpets and virtual LEDs for the league’s 20 teams is managed here, with five different feeds in Europe, Asia, the MENA region and America.  Lissone is also at the centre of the fight against piracy thanks to Anti Piracy Technology for the global monitoring of social networks, TV, Iptv, websites and Apps.

A real jewel in the crown is the Var Centre, which is considered to be the best in the world. It contains eight VAR Rooms and a dedicated supervisor’s station. The IBC also has three MCRs and 24 stations for the creation of automated and customised highlights, 16 commentary booths for commentators, as well as a Social Department, which manages 22 accounts in eight languages.

IBC Lissone