"Keep Racism Out" is the anti-discrimination campaign promoted by Serie A, in collaboration with UNAR (National Office Against Racial Discrimination of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers), to ensure equal treatment, protection of human rights in football, and to keep racism away from our stadiums. It is a strong and decisive stance, underscored by Serie A's participation in the National Observatory against Discrimination in Sports, the first in Europe. The purpose of this observatory is to monitor incidents of racism in sports, providing periodic reports and precise analyses of this dramatic phenomenon that needs to be eradicated.

"Keep Racism Out" is a call to action that aims to involve all parties in our sport: from players to coaches, referees to club executives, fans to casual supporters. The campaign, introduced at the beginning of the 2020/21 sports season, entails a comprehensive and detailed programme of activities. The goal is to raise awareness and provide positive examples, especially to the younger generations, in order to collectively win the most important match: Keeping Racism Out!

Collaboration with EA SPORTS (FIFA 21, 22, and 23):

To further raise awareness of the Lega Serie A campaign, EA SPORTS introduced a bespoke kit in the 2023 edition of its football video game to further disseminate the educational message. The kit features the dark blue and light blue colours of the Lega Serie A brand with the "Keep Racism Out" logo. Also, with initiatives on Serie A fields.

Initiatives on Serie A fields:

Keep Racism Out activities also include two days of on-field initiatives dedicated entirely to the campaign. In the 2022/23 season, on Matchday 26 and 27, and in conjunction with the 19th Week of Action Against Racism, the new Keep Racism Out advert was broadcast on the giant screens of Serie A TIM stadiums; this then continued until the end of the season. Additionally, in each stadium, the ball-carrying podium, the arch in front of which all teams line up and the substitution board were customised with the initiative’s sticker, while the captains wore the day’s symbolic armband. Furthermore, the commemorative patch was applied on the right sleeve of the players’ jerseys. Finally, coaches and players appeared at the microphones for their customary post-match interviews wearing the "Keep Racism Out" sticker on their jackets.

Collaboration with Rai Ragazzi (Offside Racism):

Also under the umbrella of Keep Racism Out is "Offside Racism". Launched two years ago, this programme, which is dedicated to football and produced with the support of Lega Serie A, continued in the 2022/23 season. Throughout the episodes, the stories of young footballers playing in the youth teams of Lega Serie A are narrated. The programme is filmed on football fields during training sessions. At the end of each episode, a first-team player presents the young footballer with a jersey designed by Lega Serie A that bears the inscription "Keep Racism Out". This is followed by the advert that highlights the campaign dedicated to the fight against racism.

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